If you are a Middle School Football coach and interested in the Air Raid, you MUST get this course. This course not only proves that the Air Raid can be run at lower levels, it is also very comprehensive in explaining how to pull it off.

- Todd Jolley, Middle School & High School Coach

Air Raid for All Levels

Youth Passing System (8U - Middle School). Varsity Air Raid (High School+). We have it built for you to level up as you grow within the system.

Air Raid with any Scheme / Formations

We have the Air Raid built out for Wing T, Spread & any formations you run so you can plug and play. Air Raid fundamentals hold true regardless of formations.

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Coach Lasker has done an amazing job of installing this offense. This course will lay out the fundamentals needed to run the air raid at the youth and JH level. He makes it so simple and effective.

- Nate Hakes, Youth & Middle School Coach