Onboarding 1

Welcome to Play(r)book! We are so excited you have you join our team. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to getting your new playable playbook set up as efficiently as possible. Please move through the steps as prescribed as this will ensure your playbook is optimize as you build your various scenarios and teaching tracks. 

Please follow the steps below to get accustomed to the mobile application.

  1. Go to your smart phones App Store and located the ‘Playrbook’ application and download.
  2. Enter the Playrbook mobile application.
  3. As you enter, please take note of the 3 tabs at the top ‘Game Time’, ‘OTAs’, and ‘Training Camp’ as those are the 3 different ways you can train your
  1. Please click on the ‘Game Time’ tab and select the ‘Middle School Air Raid Challenge’ to get a feel for our amazing video game. Please play a few times.
    • The ‘Game Time’ offering is a full-fledged video game based on a coach’s playbook.
    • Typically used as a complete test of the entire playbook by can be used to segment plays.
  2. Please click on the ‘OTAs’ tab and select the ‘OTA: Quick Game Concepts’ option. OTAs mirror the NFL OTAs as this module give players a chance to get familiar with the concepts and how the routes work within in.
    • Quick 10 second or less explanations before every virtual rep.
    • Many coaches choose to not have any video, noting the pre-snap variables are enough for their QBs.
  3. Click the ‘Training Camp’ tab. This is where players learn the WHY behind the concepts. Please select the ‘Playbook: Quick Game Intro’ to see how coaches are using this module to get into deeper teaching and understanding.
    • 2-minute or less explanations are allowed before every virtual repetition so players can slow it down and really understand the why. This mirrors your talk track in practice but allows players to listen and learn without the pressure of practice, while still get mental reps. This is invaluable to ensure the information sticks.
  4.  Continue to use the mobile application in order to get inspiration for your own playable playbook.
  5. Once you feel you have a strong sense of how the mobile app works and feel confident enough to help you players navigate, please move on the next step of getting your coaches and players set up so they can jump in and start executing!
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