Types of playbooks

give you a general overview of common sports playbook options that teams may use. Keep in mind that specific strategies and playbooks can vary widely between sports, teams, and coaching styles.

  1. Traditional Playbooks: Many sports teams, such as American football, basketball, and soccer, use traditional playbooks. These playbooks contain a collection of set plays, formations, and strategies that teams can utilize during a game. They typically involve pre-determined movements, positions, and actions for players based on specific game situations.

  2. Customized Playbooks: Some coaches prefer to create customized playbooks tailored to their team's strengths, weaknesses, and tactical preferences. These playbooks may include a mix of existing plays and unique strategies designed specifically for the team's players and opponents.

  3. Offensive Systems: In team sports like basketball and American football, teams often adopt offensive systems that dictate their style of play and strategic approach. Examples include the "West Coast offense" in American football, which emphasizes short, quick passes, or the "Princeton offense" in basketball, known for its player movement and constant passing.

  4. Defensive Systems: Similar to offensive systems, teams implement defensive systems to structure their defensive strategies and player positioning. Examples include the "zone defense" in basketball, where players guard specific areas rather than individual opponents, or the "3-4 defense" in American football, which utilizes three defensive linemen and four linebackers.

  5. Option-based Playbooks: Certain sports, such as American football, feature option-based playbooks. These playbooks offer multiple choices to the player with the ball, allowing them to decide whether to pass, run, or execute other actions based on the defensive alignment or specific


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